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Richard Price - 2nd Dan

Initially, I became interested in martial arts after watching a number of Bruce Lee movies that inspired me to get fit. At that time I was smoking and drinking a lot and generally unfit. I called a friend called Malcolm who was studying Wing Chung Kung Fu and asked for his help in achieve my aim, hoping at the same time that he would encourage me to stop smoking and drinking. My friend made one condition for his help “stop drinking and smoking or our friendship is over”. It was obvious he meant it and valuing our friendship, changed my ways, and was invited by him to train in his style of Kung Fu.


I then enlisted in the army, and over 5 years trained in a number of disciplines which included Tae kwon do, jujitsu and karate. On been discharged from the army I became interested in, and started a new style of karate, where after several years attained black belt.


Again, wanting to expand my knowledge on martial arts, I began searching the internet where I discovered this website of Sensei Conroy, and thanks to him I have learnt more about myself and karate than I have ever done in my other styles of martial arts.