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Martial arts, shotokan karate & self defence tuition.

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6th Dan Shotokan Tuition based in the 'UK Midlands Leicester'

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Self defence classes - from beginners to advanced

Shotokan karate is one of the most popular martial art styles of Karate and is often referred to as ‘the grandfather' of all styles. 

Martial arts is one of the greatest ways to exercise. By keeping fit, you promote all round health, both physically and mentally. All our sessions commence with half an hour of exercise followed by all aspects of Karate and self-defence.

Experienced tutors prepare you and your children for a positive lifestyle, giving the edge at home, school, work or socialising. More importantly, it gives you self-esteem, self-confidence and much needed discipline.

Self-defence is important for both young and old, especially for boys and girls to be able to confidently defend themselves against the ever increasing violence and bullying within our society today.

Group tuition increases positive mental development and respect for one self as well as others. Children who practice karate become stronger mentally, more responsible, and develop a determination to help them succeed in all aspects of life. 

Sensei Conroy teaches ALL levels of experience from beginner to advanced and ALL age groups. Whether or not you’ve previously learnt kickboxing, jujitsu, judo or any other martial art – everyone is welcome to train in the friendly, welcoming dojo Sensei Conroy generates! Maybe your interest came from Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan films – No problem, they also had to start somewhere and you can too! 

Call me now, without obligation, to discuss your current karate style, judo class, kickboxing club or future self-defence goals! Telephone: 0116 286 2683 or click the 'classes' hyperlink within the navigation section to view our class timetable.

NB: Private jujitsu instruction available! Call for details.