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  Black Belts

Kelly Bateman - 1st Dan

At the age of 10 I had the urge to start karate training, not something you would expect a young girl to want to do. I suppose it was all of the martial arts films I watched with my mother, who graded at the same time as me to a 1st Dan black belt.

Initially I, along with my family, trained with a different style, but I became disillusioned by their money grabbing tactics. I wanted to train with someone who only cared about Karate. Not the proceeds they could get from it. This is how I come to train under Sensei Tony. Sensei Tony is truly dedicated to the sport and he inspires those around him.

There was a time when I felt that I would not accomplish my goal of becoming a black belt. This was mainly due to the fact that being a full time student, I found it hard to fit in my training. Nevertheless, through Sensei Tony’s guidance and my families support, I have achieved more skill and confidence than I had ever thought possible, I have also made a few friends along the way.