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Martial arts, shotokan karate & self defence tuition.

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7th Dan Shotokan Tuition based in the 'UK Midlands Leicester'

 Kokoro Karate Club

Black Belt

Grading 2018

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Sensei Tim Wood - Graded San Dan Adam Gaskell -Graded Shodan
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Funds raised for cancer research to date Showing dad how to do it
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Look of Concentration Catch them early

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Sensei Wood demonstrating               

Sensei Wood - Japan 2013
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Sensei Wood training some new students Introduction to Kumite techniques

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Groups photo - New Beginners Getting fit for Christmas -December 2015
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Group Photo 2015 Small group photo 2016
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Practicing basics 2016 Practicing Kumite
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Grading Time - Roundhouse Kick Partner Work
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A successful grading Encouraging student
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Small group photo Learning how to kick correctly
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Teaching a new movement Learning respect
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Learning how to 

punch correctly

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New students Learning techniques Group photo 2016 Funny faces
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    A visit from the chief

instructor 2017